So it’s quite fitting that the first person I interviewed for “On The Origin of HBES: An Oral History Project” was David, the first person to tell me about HBES. A sense of his “love/hate relationship” with HBES and evolutionary psychology is easily seen in our interview (he refers to himself as “somewhat of an outlaw among outlaws of the HBES society” at the 0:36 mark). Notable moments include:

• His affection for George C. Williams after David marched into his office as a grad student, declared “I’m going to convince you about group selection,” and was offered a postdoc on the spot (8:40)
• How Bill Hamilton eventually came around and changed his own mind on group selection and how George Williams wrote to David that “group selection was a strong force in human evolution” (10:11-14:54)
• How he was pressured by HBES founders to disinvite Stephen Jay Gould as the keynote speaker for the 1993 HBES conference he hosted at Binghamton University (19:00 – 20:11).
• How HBES needs to be much more activist (32:17-33:41)