The Atlas Hugged Readers’ Club FAQ

Q: What is the Atlas Hugged Readers’ Club (AHRC)?

A: The AHRC is a safe and engaging space to explore the ideas set forth in David Sloan Wilson’s Atlas Hugged. David has opened up access to himself and his reader community to other readers via a threaded online conversation attached to each newsletter.

Q: Can I subscribe to the newsletter for free without joining the Club?

A: Yes. Anyone may sign up for the newsletter at no cost, but they will not be able to join the AHRC community conversation without first purchasing a copy of Atlas Hugged. For more details on purchasing a copy of the book, please see our shop page.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Club?

A: Membership to the Club is included with each purchase of Atlas Hugged from this website. Details for purchasing can be found here. The cost of the book, and therefore the cost to join the club, is determined by what you choose to pay in exchange for your copy. Should you elect to pay zero for the book, your club membership cost is also zero.

Q: Are there codes of conduct that apply to Club discourse?

A: Yes. They can be found on the Atlas Hugged Readers’ Club Code of Conduct page.

Q: Do I get to keep my membership indefinitely?

A: No. Club membership is a no-cost bundle attached to the purchase of the book and is not itself a product per-se. We are grateful for your interest and participation, but we reserve the right to decommission the club, the comments or the entire website at any time.

Q: What kind of response should I expect from David while participating in the Club?

A: David will do his best to respond to various questions and ideas posted in the Club. Given the high demand on his time he cannot guarantee that every Club member post will receive a personal response. David will attempt timely responses when he is able.