ECBS: Paul Gilbert

“The human mind is different from all other animals because of our cognitive abilities. It has given rise to extraordinary cultures both good and bad, to cooperation, language, art, science, and medicine but also war, slavery, factory farming, and the enjoyment of violence. The key to understanding how the human mind works requires an understanding of its evolved functional motives and competencies, and their contextual phenotypic organization. What nature prepares us with, our social niche grows, patterns, and choreographs. This volume brings together two of the world’s outstanding and leading exponents on both dimensions, the evolved nature of mind and the contextual choreographies of mind, partly but not only through language. Together this range of contributors provide a fascinating and scholarly set of writings with the focus to integrate and cross-fertilize these two bodies of scientific investigation. Together they take a deep dive into the link between nature and culture. It’s a must-read for anybody interested in this fundamental analysis of the human condition.”