Our Mission

To consciously evolve a world that works for all.

Our Vision

To unleash the power of science and inquiry to help us notice what’s within us and between us, to create a more harmonious world for everyone around us.

“Prosocial is the only change method that actually uses the latest developments in evolutionary science to achieve its goals.”

While Prosocial World is based on science, it is not just for scientists. It is also for activists, idealists, pragmatists, visionaries, and contemplative change agents; in short, anyone who has a prosocial worldview.

As such, it uniquely places the vision of spiritual seekers, who embark on different paths to self-discovery to consciously evolve a more harmonious and regenerative world, on a foundation of the most recent developments in evolutionary science.

These developments do not replace current knowledge of humanity but rather integrates it into a single coherent framework. It is the power of integration that enables PW to combine insights from fields as disparate as political science and mindfulness-therapy into a change method that can help any group clarify its valued goals, flexibly work around obstacles, and become a force for good in cultural evolution at larger social scales.

Ultimately, PW transforms into a neural network that moves our global society toward an interactive and balanced ecosystem of unity consciousness — one equitable and harmonious prosocial world.

Prosocial Trained Facilitator Map
Prosocial Trained Facilitator Map

Fore more information about Prosocial, visit their website at https://www.prosocial.world/

Diagnosing a high-end application of Prosocial

A conversation with Dr. Robert Styles

Dr. Robert Styles
Dr. Robert Styles

The Prosocial ARC Process combines two bodies of knowledge to improve the efficacy of groups. The first is the Core Design Principles (CDP) approach pioneered by Elinor Ostrom. The second is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) pioneered by Steven C. Hayes. Both of these bodies of knowledge have roots in various academic disciplines and have recently been given a more general formulation based on evolutionary theory.

Dr Robert Styles, a social scientist, business consultant and accredited leadership coach based in Australia, recently described two high-end applications in an interview with Paul Atkins published in the Prosocial Blog titled “Solid Evidence for Prosocial within Government Agency Settings.” Styles had both the professional experience and the authorization to implement Prosocial in several Australia’s government agencies far more comprehensively than the Internet platform’s training course. In addition, the implementations took place between national surveys of government agency employees by the Australian Public Service Commission, which provided a before-and-after third party assessment of the implementation. The improvement in the agencies that Styles worked with provides exceptionally strong evidence for the ability of Prosocial to improve the efficacy of groups.

Styles learned about Prosocial with Paul Atkins, an organizational psychologist at the Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Positive Psychology and Education. Paul is a member of the Prosocial Development Team who helped to design the Internet platform’s online training course. My conversation with Robert explores what he did with his high-end applications that was so successful, compared to the application that we are attempting to provide to an unlimited number of groups worldwide through the online training course.

Read the entire interview on the Prosocial Website