Marilyn Hamilton

After a year of bio-reality-challenging pandemic, I have just read DS Wilson’s Atlas Hugged.  I confess that in my teens and 20’s I followed Ayn Rand quite closely. So I was curious and more than a little skeptical about this daring satire. However, I must declare that I am quite captivated by AH. I really appreciate David’s intentions, plot line, settings, characters, and reframing of a belief system that impacted a good 50% of my life!! But I also appreciate his imagination, sense of humour, storytelling and the surprising empathy he bestows on his characters. I am grateful for the Epilogue about the science behind AH and find it aligns very much with the science I have referenced as I have been exploring the organismic nature of Gaia, cities, collectives and individual humans. I came to enjoy the characters in AH – so who knows, I will probably re-read it a few times just for the pleasure of their company ????