Welcome to my World

Somewhat to my own surprise, I am blogging again in addition to my other writing, including my frequent contributions to the online magazine This View of Life.

The odyssey that brings me to this point began with a website that I created to market my first novel, Atlas Hugged, which I wrote as a sequel and antidote to Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged. Atlas Hugged is a fictional parallel universe for the paradigm shift that I am attempting to bring about in the real world, with the help of many others, through our non-profit organization Prosocial World.

 After a while, my marketing team for Atlas Hugged convinced me that I should publicizing everything I am trying to do, not just my novel. My Atlas Hugged website morphed into a comprehensive archive of my work, including all my books, academic articles, and online material.

Writing the “About” section of the archive caused me to review my work over a period of nearly fifty years. Soon I realized that I was writing either the world’s longest “About” section or a short memoir, which became A Life Informed by Evolution—something else that I hadn’t set out to do!

A blog is not required for my archive website, but I began to feel the need for one to report and reflect upon the many things that I am trying to accomplish with others to catalyze multilevel cultural evolution, so that positive change can take place in a matter of years, rather than decades or not at all.

Subscribing to my blog will keep you in touch with these activities, with numerous opportunities for engagement. As I write in the final passage of my memoir: No matter who or where you are, you can see the world more clearly and there are ways for you to help evolve a more prosocial future.”